Whilst China has become one of the most sought-after markets on the planet, itis also the most crowded and dynamic. Brands who understand the historic and modern day influences on Chinese consumers are best placed to stand out from the clutter and capitalise on the huge opportunities in China. Mark's interactive talk will cover off the What's, Why's and How's of trends in China, consumer profiles and lesser known insights, providing case studies from those doing well.

中国现在已经是全球最受追捧的市场,同时它也是最拥挤最具有活力的市场。各大品牌谁能够清楚了解并掌握历史与现代社会对于中国消费者的影响,谁就能在这剧烈的竞争中脱颖而出,充分的抓住中国市场中的良机。马可的互动交谈涵盖以下几个方面: 中国的潮流(趋势)是什么,为什么要去了解中国的潮流(趋势)以及怎样去看待它,对于消费者的介绍和一些不为众人所知的见解,并提供一些成功的案例进行学习研究。

Three key takeaways
- What the Chinese consumer in 2016 looks like
- How best to reach and resonate with them
- Examples from businesses doing it well



A bunch of amazing speakers will attend to inspire you
  • Mark  Tanner (Founder and Managing Director 创始人及常务董事 of China Skinny)

    Mark Tanner

    Founder and Managing Director 创始人及常务董事 of China Skinny

    Mark Tanner is the Founder and Managing Director of Shanghai-based China Skinny, one of China’s best-known marketing, research & digital agencies. His agency publishes the most-read newsletter about Chinese consumers and he is regularly quoted in media including Bloomberg, Reuters and Forbes for his views on the China market. China Skinny’s clients include clients across a host of industries including Colgate, Fonterra, the Finnish Fund for Tech & Innovation, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Tourism Malaysia, Sydney Airport, Tom Tailor and House of Fraser, ANZ and Westpac Banks and the Australian Olive Association .

    On a personal front, Mark has a love for adventure, which originally drew him to China and has seen him lead the world’s first paddle down the Nile River, hunt for ancient Viking treasure in Iceland and bicycle solo across Canada mid-winter.

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